Eco Club Initiatives

BY BEN HARTSHORN  Last Monday, April 22nd marked the 49th international Earth Day, where over 193 countries across the world joined together in raising awareness and advocating for environmental protection. To celebrate this occasion the Eco Club has been preparing some exciting projects to help make MDHS a more environmentally friendly school this spring. Check out some of the projects we are planning to launch! … Continue reading Eco Club Initiatives

Sunny Straws

BY TASMIA JAMIL Do you care about the environment? If so, help the Eco Team and donate to their initiatives! One of the largest negative impacts on our environment comes from single-use plastic straws. In recent events, cities across the globe have decided to ban plastic straws, and one way you can support this is by purchasing reusable straws. Sunny Straws is a company aimed … Continue reading Sunny Straws

The Eco Club Wants YOUR HELP!

BY BEN HARTSHORN This year’s Eco Club at MDHS has been working tirelessly to create and promote eco-initiatives in and around the school. With Earth Day just around the corner, our student leaders have some exciting new projects planned to help make our school and community even greener! If you have a fun, environmentally-friendly eco project you would like to see in MDHS, or want … Continue reading The Eco Club Wants YOUR HELP!

The Cost of Fashion Workshop

BY PREMA KAPOOR On March 4th, Marie-Pier Guillot from Fashion Takes Action visited MD to speak to students from the Grade 12 Fashion Class, Eco-Club, and the Social Justice SHSM. Prior to the workshop, students were expected to watch the documentary Made in Bangladesh to get a better understanding of how poor the conditions are in sweatshops and other factories in which clothes are made. While … Continue reading The Cost of Fashion Workshop

Eco-Friendly Tips for the Holidays

By Ben Hartshorn With 2018 coming to a close, Winter Break is just around the corner! Keen to keep it green? Here are some tips and eco-friendly ideas to help save the Earth this holiday season. Bring Along Reusable Bags! Whether you’re grocery shopping, buying clothes or finding the perfect gift for that special someone, you’ve probably noticed how many plastic bags are used and … Continue reading Eco-Friendly Tips for the Holidays

Halton Environmental Network’s Heather Govender Visits MDHS

By Tasmia Jamil On Thursday, November 22nd, Heather Govender came to Milton District High School after school to talk about environmental stewardship. As a producer of only 1.1 kg of waste in the entire year of 2015, we were fortunate to have her come and share her tips on auditing and reducing our waste. Heather began by introducing Halton Green Screens, a program of the … Continue reading Halton Environmental Network’s Heather Govender Visits MDHS

Eco Club Hosting High-Profile Speakers to Share Green Tips with MDHS Students

By Ben Hartshorn and Tasmia Jamil You heard it—on this Thursday, November 22nd, the Eco Club is hosting special presentations in room 110—with some very special guests! Eleanor Hayward, the 2018 Green Party MPP candidate for Milton, has agreed to come to MDHS to speak to the students of our Grade 9 Geography classes this week. She will be giving an inspiring presentation on Climate … Continue reading Eco Club Hosting High-Profile Speakers to Share Green Tips with MDHS Students